Residences, Maisonettes


Agios Georgios, Nikiti


828,91 m²


Completed, Sold


Four Buildings, Two Floors


Four Maisonettes

Four Buildings Of Four Residences

A building complex consists of four two-floor residences – maisonettes.

It Is located in residential block 23, of the Agios Georgios zoning plan in Nikiti, Sithonia, Halkidiki.

It is a medium plot with a net area of 828.91 m², with one long side facing a paved municipal road.

This Plot includes four buildings of two-floors each, without basements:  building 1, building 2 and 3 completely identical and building 4 is also the same as the rest but is placed as mirror.

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The typical building residence essentially consists of two floors.

The ground floor, an area of 46.53 m², (3.98 m² is the staircase size) consists of a single living room and kitchen area, a W.C., as well as an internal staircase to access the upper floor.

The upper floor, an area of 51.65 m² including the closed exteriors of 5.12 m², (6.41 m² is the staircase size), consists of two bedrooms and a bathroom.

One of the rooms has access to a spacious open balcony while the other does not.

M A I S O N E T T E S   1  =  2  =  3

Ground Floor 1, 2, 3: 46,53 m²

Upper Floor 1, 2, 3: 46,53 m²

Staircase: 5,12 m²

M A I S O N E T T E    4   

Ground Floor: 46,53 m²

Upper Floorς: 46,53 m²

Staircase: 5,12 m²

Expressions of interest