Residences, Maisonettes, Swimming Pool


Mpekiri, Nikiti


2.948,8 m²


Under Construction


Διώροφο Κτίριο, Με Τμήμα Υπογείου


Three Residences With Swimming Pool

Three Residences With Swimming Pools

Two-storey building including a basement section. It consists of three residents – maisonettes with swimming pools and fencing.

It is a plot of land with an area of 2.948,88 m² in Bekiri location in Nikiti, Sithonia, Halkidiki.

The south side of the plot faces a cemented municipal road. The northern side faces an asphalted road and the western side a paved municipal road.

The ground floor level of each residence has an area of 63.30m and includes a staircase, bathroom, living room, dining room and kitchen.

The floor level of each residence is 66.87m² and includes three bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

At this level, the houses differ in terms of their square footage due to the bay windows.

Expressions Of interest

Each residence – outside – at the ground floor-basement level, there are heating system areas of 15.48 m² each and on the south side of them there is an outdoor area and a barbecue area.

In the surrounding area of the residences, on their south side, there are three swimming pools of 32.80 m² each, with their respective engine rooms and tanks.

The body of the buildings will be of reinforced concrete and the infill walls of 15cm bricks.

Bricks will be covered with insulating sheets of expanded polystyrene, 10 cm thick and they will be coated with ready-made, colored mortar in beige and gray-brown colors and stone.

The roof of the building is made of timber frame over the floor slab, and is covered with Dutch style roof tiles.

The frames are PVC, brown in color, the railings are glass and metal inox.

In total, the residences are configured as follows:

Residence 1:

Εκ.χ. = 113,23 m²

Εβ.χ. = 37,60 m²

Εη/μ = 16,70 m²

Swimming pool =32,80 m²

Residence 2:

Εκ.χ. = 110,49 m²

Εβ.χ. = 37,60 m² 

Εη/μ = 18,71 m²

Swimming pool = 32,80 m²                 

Residence 3:

Εκ.χ. = 110,49 m²

Εβ.χ. = 37,60 m²

Εη/μ = 18,14 m²

Swimming pool = 32,80 m²