Alipsimos, Nikiti


2.948,88 m²


Under construction


Residences With Basement, Swimming Pools


Two Residences

Two Residences With Basement And Swimming Pools

Ground floor building of two houses with basement, swimming pools and fencing.

This is a property with an area of 2,948.88 m² in the area of Alypsimos in Nikiti Sithonia in Halkidiki.

Access to the property is via existing rural – municipal roads.

Parking spaces are created at the back of the residences.

Expressions of interest

Residences are essentially the same, but placed like a “mirror”. They form one ground floor house – apartment, each one.

Between them a large semi-open space with a covered terrace unites them.

The ground floor of each residence, an area of 100.69 m² including the load-bearing structure made of concrete and stone (and closed balcony 6.04 m²) consists of a single living room, dining room and a kitchen, three bedrooms and a W.C. and a bathroom.

The two rooms have access to a spacious open patio area with direct access to the garden.

In the basement of each residence, an area of 53.38 m² – only external access – there are storage areas.

An 18.75 m² swimming pool is placed in front of each residence alongside the terrace.

The load-bearing body of the buildings will be of reinforced concrete internally and the infill walls will be made of stone.

Insulating sheets of expanded polystyrene, 10 cm thick, are placed between the stones.

The elements of reinforced concrete are covered by insulating sheets of expanded polystyrene, 2.50 cm thick.

The total thickness of the above construction will be at least 0.50m.

The roof of the building is of timber frame over the floor slab, and is covered with Dutch style roof tiles.

The frames are PVC, brown in color.